Favourite Propaganda Moment?
This might be cheating because it wasn’t a club event, but it was getting to DJ the main stage of Neck of the Woods festival with Propaganda, being on the stage playing indie anthems before artists like Sea Girls, The Snuts, DMAs and The Kooks came on stage was so surreal, especially getting to do it with Kyle, who taught me the ropes of DJing, it was all such a crazy experience that I don’t think will ever quite sink in!

Favourite Artist?
It honestly changes every day, but I’d say for the past year or so and for the foreseeable future it’ll be Sea Girls!

Guiltiest Musical Pleasure?
There is NOTHING guilty about it. 90’s Clubland. There’s something so good about it I cant quite put my finger on, but you just cant help but smile and dance when its on!

Top 5 Albums?
In no particular order: Sinners Never Sleep – You Me at Six, Red – Taylor Swift (Taylors version, obviously), Costello Music – The Fratellis, Under Soil and Dirt – The Story so Far, W.L – The Snuts. Flawless top 5 list, I’m open to debate it with anyone.

Favourite Item of Clothing?
No question, it’s my Crane shirt from Muchos Caballos, a shirting brand based in Scotland, there’s something about putting on a nice funky shirt and going out feeling good! (and it gets loads of compliments at the bar)

Favourite Propaganda?
Norwich hands down, it’s the absolute best party!