Biggest Influence?
I think 2ManyDJs ‘As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt2’ really planted the seed for me – hearing so many different genres mashed up together so seamlessly taught me music doesn’t have to be prescriptive.

Favourite Artist?
Deftones, definitely, especially the more floaty, post-metally stuff. I actually had Minerva’ play at the end of my wedding as I walked out with black confetti falling. It was ace.

Guiltiest Musical Pleasure?
‘Shake It’ by Metro Station.

Top 5 Albums?
‘Sleepless’ by Palm Reader, ‘Acolyte’ by Delphic, ‘Black Sands’ by Bonobo, ‘I Let It In And It Took Everything’ by Loathe, ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’ by Aphex Twin

Favourite Item of Clothing?
Black skinny jeans because I am an elder emo.

Favourite Movie soundtrack?
Either Drive or The Neon Demon – I love wobbly atmospheric synths.