We are Propaganda Promotions Limited (“Propaganda”, “we”, “our”). Our company  number is 05545006. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office with reference number ZB551130. 

This data privacy notice explains how we use the information we collect about you, your  rights in respect of that information, and the procedures that we have in place to  safeguard your privacy. 

WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT? We may collect information directly from you and from third party sources. This may include: 

  • identification information – such as your full name, date of birth, age, gender, marital status;
  • contact information – your postal address, email address, and telephone number; event attendance and sales information – details of which of our events you have attended and where, either directly or from our ticketing agents. We may collect similar information about other products, services, or merchandise you may have  purchased from us, our ticketing agents, venues, bands, DJs, or other performers; social media information, such your Facebook page address, your Twitter handle,  your Instagram handle and profile picture, together with information you may  post to social media or other public forums. Social media companies may also  provide information to us concerning you; 
  • marketing preferences – so that we know what events and other promotional material you would like to receive from us;
  • cookies and similar technologies – directly or together with our ticketing and technology partners we may use cookies and similar technologies either where necessary for a browsing experience or in accordance with your cookie  management choices. We may also collect information on how you engage with  our marketing materials, such as whether or not you have opened our emails or  clicked on our links; 
  • images of you – from photographs and video taken at events;
  • CCTV footage – either collected directly or through the venues at which our events are held;
  • health, safety, and safeguarding information – we may process information to ensure that the events we put on are safe and secure, that access is managed appropriately, and that we are able to manage risks. In some circumstances we  may need to process information concerning your health; 
  • information provided to us by venues – such as attendance information; information provided to us by bands, DJs, or other performers – such information about event sign ups that they may have collected;
  • location and demographic information – we may process, together with our marketing partners, data concerning your location or demographic data such as your age and interests in order to personalise services and marketing;
  • other information you provide to us – such as survey responses and feedback.

Additional privacy information for talent, artists, musicians, performers, sportspersons,  their touring parties, agents, managers, and other related parties is also contained  below

HOW ARE WE COLLECTING THIS DATA? We collect personal data from you: 

  • directly, when you provide to us or when you use our website;
  • indirectly from our ticketing agents, including Ticketek and Fatsoma; indirectly from the venues at which we host events, and from co-promoters or other people, companies or groups involved in putting on our events; indirectly from advertising and marketing partners and platforms, including Meta and AdRoll. 


We collect personal data in order to organise, hold, and promote events and our other  business interests. When we collect and process personal data, we do it in ways  permitted by data protection law. These are known as ‘lawful bases’. Our lawful bases  for processing your personal data include: 

  • Consent. This may include, where you have given your consent: o sending direct electronic marketing to you;

o processing information about your health, for example if you have an  access requirement; 

o sharing information with third parties for commercial purposes; Contractual obligations. This may include: 

o collecting information to enable you to purchase a ticket to an event and  to enable your access to that event once you have done so; 

o collecting information in support of any other product or service we may  provide to you; 

o contacting you about changes to events to which you have bought tickets; Our legitimate interests. This may include: 

o contacting you with servicing messages about events to which you have  bought tickets; 

o sharing information with venues, co-promoters, or other third parties who  may need information concerning you in order for an event to run  

successfully, for example by letting a venue know your name for access  purposes; 

o data processing for the purposes of marketing or making decisions about  marketing where it is lawful to do so without your express consent; o dealing with any complaints or disputes that may arise; 

o conducting data analytics or other statistical or qualitative analysis

o interacting with and respond to any communications you send us,  including social media posts that you tag us in; 

o sharing personal data with third parties as described in this data privacy  notice; 

o letting you know about important changes to our business and policies; The protection of a vital interest. This may include: 

o providing information to the police or medical services to prevent serious  personal harm. We will not store this information for longer than it is  needed.  


We share your information with: 

  • Other companies in our group. This may include TEG Live Europe Limited, TEG Venues UK Limited, and Ticketek UK Limited.
  • Ticket agents and event marketing partners. This may include Ticketek and Fatsoma.
  • Other third party marketing and advertising partners. This may include Google and Meta for the purpose of re-targeting you with adverts for our events. Event partners. This may include the venue at which an event is happening and any co-promoters or other partners involved in that event. We may also share  information with bands (or their agents or management) or other performers or  event partners. We will not share your information for marketing purposes  except with your consent to do so, or where that partner already has your  consent. 



Amazon Web Services, Inc. 

(Google G-Suite) Google LLC 


(MailChimp) The Rocket Science Group, LLC dba MailChimp 

Gravity Froms 





Facebook, Inc. (Facebook) 


(Google Analytics) Google LLC 


We are a part of a global group of companies and our events involve artists and other  event partners from across the globe. As such, the data that we collect from you may be  transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside the United Kingdom. Any such  transfer will be performed with adequate safeguards as prescribed by data protection  law. Any such transfer will be performed with adequate safeguards as prescribed by  data protection law. This will include transfers made where an ‘adequacy’ decision has  been made by a relevant government or regulatory body, or the use of standard  international data transfer agreements or standard contractual clauses endorsed by  applicable governmental or regulatory bodies. 


The length of time for which we retain your personal data will depend on the nature of  the information and the reasons for its use. We will retain your information for as long  as is necessary in order to enable you to attend our events or where you have asked us  to send you promotional material concerning our events, for as long as you have  provided your consent. We may need to some information for longer periods of time.  For example, we may keep records of ticket sales for legal and accounting reasons for  longer periods of time. We will not retain your personal data for any longer than is  allowed by applicable data protection law.  



You have the right to unsubscribe to direct electronic marketing messages at any time.  Please follow the links on the emails you receive. 


We have a legal obligation to provide you with concise, transparent, intelligible and easily  accessible information about your personal information and our use of it. We have  written this policy to do just that, but if you have any questions or require more specific  information, you can get in touch with us.


You have the right to ask us to confirm whether or not we hold any of your personal  information. If we do, you have the right to have a copy of your information and to be  informed of the following: 

  • why we have been using your information;
  • what categories of information we were using;
  • who we have shared the information with; and
  • how long we envisage holding your information

In order to maintain the security of your information, we will have to verify your identity  before we provide you with a copy of the information we hold. 


You have the right to ask us to rectify personal information you think is inaccurate. You  also have the right to ask us to complete information you think is incomplete. Please  contact us if you wish to do so. 


You have the right to ask us to erase your personal information in certain  circumstances. We may not be able to delete your information if we are required to keep  it for legal reasons or certain other reasons. If we cannot comply with your request, we  will explain to you the reasons why. 


You have the right to ask us to restrict the processing of your personal information in  certain circumstances. We may not be able to delete your information if we are required  to keep it for legal reasons or certain other reasons. If we cannot comply with your  request, we will explain to you the reasons why. 


You limited circumstances you may have the right to ask that we transfer the personal  information you gave us to another organisation or to you. If we cannot comply with your  request, we will explain to you the reasons why. 


If we are processing your personal data based on your consent for us to do so, you have  the right to object at any time. To withdraw your consent to direct electronic marketing  messages, please click on the link contained in the relevant message.  


If we change this data privacy notice we will post the changes on this page and may  place notices on other pages of the website.  


If you would like to contact us or to complain about our collection or use of your  personal data, you can do so: 

  • By post – Data Protection Officer, Propaganda Promotions, 2nd Floor, Bond Street, Bristol, BS1 3LG
  • By email – Legal@TEGEurope.com

The Information Commissioner’s Office is the supervisory authority for data protection  in the United Kingdom. You can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office: 

  • By post – Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane,  Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF 
  • By telephone – on helpline number: 0303 123 1113 ICO  

You can find more information at https://www.ico.org.uk 

Additional privacy information for talent and touring parties  

In the course of its business, TEG Live Europe may also processes personal data relating  to talent, artists, musicians, performers, sportspersons, their touring parties, agents,  managers, and other related parties. We may collect the following categories of  personal data: 

  • contact information (such as name, address, phone number, email address); nationality, passport information, and visa details; 
  • personal identification information (e.g., date of birth, gender); 
  • professional background and experience; 
  • financial information necessary for payments and reimbursements; accommodation preferences and booking details; 
  • transportation details (such as flight or travel itinerary); 
  • health or medical information (e.g., medical conditions, allergies, or disabilities); insurance details (if applicable); 
  • social media profiles or handles (if collected for marketing or promotional  purposes); 
  • feedback or survey responses provided by attendees, viewers, or participants  relating to a performance;
  • information collected through CCTV or video surveillance systems at the event  venue; 
  • communication records, such as email records; 
  • performance-related data, including photographs and videos; 
  • other relevant contractual or legal documentation related to the event (e.g.,  performer contracts, licensing agreements); and 
  • any other information you or your related parties on your behalf voluntarily  provide to us. 

We may collect personal data directly from you or from authorised agents,  representatives, or third parties involved in your engagement with us, such as talent  agencies, management companies, or other companies with whom you may have a  relationship. We may also collect personal data relating to you from publicly available  sources. 

Purposes of Data Processing  

We process your personal data for the following purposes: 

  • organising and promoting live events, including talent bookings and contractual  arrangements; 
  • obtaining necessary visas and permits for international performances; facilitating payments and reimbursements; 
  • providing information about upcoming events, promotions, and marketing  communications; 
  • managing ticket sales and distribution; 
  • facilitating event logistics, including venue selection and setup; communicating event updates, changes, or cancellations to attendees and  participants; 
  • conducting customer satisfaction surveys or feedback collection; evaluating and selecting performers, artists, or athletes for future events; conducting background checks or verification processes for staff, performers, or  participants; 
  • ensuring the safety and security of attendees and participants during the event; handling customer enquiries, complaints, or support requests; 
  • conducting market research and analysis to identify trends and opportunities in  the industry; 
  • conducting post-event analysis and reporting, including financial and  performance metrics; 
  • developing and maintaining relationships with sponsors, partners, or  stakeholders 
  • collaborating with third-party vendors or service providers involved in the event  organisation process; 
  • protecting against fraud, unauthorised access, or other security threats; complying with health and safety regulations, including emergency response  planning;
  • fulfilling contractual obligations with performers, sponsors, or other contractual  parties; 
  • complying with other legal obligations, such as tax and accounting requirements; protecting our legal rights and interests; and 
  • for other purposes particular to you that may be agreed between us and your  authorised agents, management, or other representatives from time to time. 

Legal Basis for Processing  

We rely on the following legal bases for processing your personal data: 

  • Performance of a contract: Processing your personal data is necessary for the  performance of our contractual obligations with you, such as booking, paying for, and organising your performances; 
  • Compliance with legal obligations: We may process your personal data to fulfil  our legal obligations, such as tax and immigration requirements. 
  • Consent: In certain circumstances we may rely on your consent to process your  personal data, such as when we are dealing with matters relating to health Legitimate interests: We may process your personal data based on our legitimate  interests in promoting events and managing contractual relationships. In certain  cases, we may rely on the legitimate interests of third parties to process personal  data. For example, if we share personal data with sponsors or partners for  marketing or promotional purposes, we would consider their legitimate interests  in reaching their target audience. We will only rely on the legitimate interests of a  third party or us when legitimate interests do not override your rights and  interests. 
  • Vital Interests: In cases where processing personal data is necessary to protect  someone’s life or physical integrity, we may rely on the legal basis of vital  interests. For example, in emergency situations or medical incidents during  events. 

Data Sharing and Disclosure  

We may share your personal data with the following categories of recipients: 

  • service providers and vendors who assist us in event organisation, visa  processing, and other necessary tasks; 
  • talent agencies, management companies, or other authorised representatives  involved in your engagement with us; 
  • government authorities, immigration agencies, and other regulatory bodies for  obtaining visas and complying with legal requirements; 
  • event venues for logistical purposes, such as setting up the event space, ensuring  security measures, and managing on-site services; 
  • travel and accommodation providers such as airlines, hotels, transportation  companies, and other travel and accommodation providers to facilitate bookings,  manage itineraries, and ensure a smooth travel experience for performers and  participants;
  • sponsors and partners involved in the event for marketing and promotional  purposes, collaboration on event-related activities, or fulfilling contractual  obligations; 
  • ticketing platforms and ticketing platforms or ticketing service providers to  process ticket sales, handle customer inquiries, and manage entry to the event; marketing and advertising agencies to facilitate promotional campaigns, target  specific audiences, and measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts; payment processors or financial institutions to facilitate payments and reimbursements; 
  • data analytics providers in order to improve event planning, marketing strategies,  and customer experiences; 

legal advisors, auditors, and other professionals providing services to us; and other TEG group companies.